December 16, 2015

A Play On Sex?

Sex is a game, right? A play on dynamics.
Status and dominance. Ebbs and flows.
It’s lyrical, beautiful almost. It reels you in and takes hold, gripping tighter and tighter until that final moment of bliss.

It’s also hilarious.
Sloppy. Raw. Unimaginably awkward and tinged with that element of regret that comes after what the French call the ‘little death.’

Done well it can be empowering, done wrong it’s the grossest misconduct.

Sex is the bringer of life. A dance between two people that ends in creation. Its sole purpose is to make something new.

Or is it?

Is that really all it is?
Because that seems pretty boring.
We’ve always seen sex as more than just making babies and moving to the suburbs with your bae.
The idea of monogamy; of marriage and union is actually relatively new.

Just look at the history of man. It’s absolutely littered with S.E.X.

So maybe the heart of sex isn’t just creation. Yes, that’s a part of it but can’t there be more? Isn’t it so much more than just one thing?
Isn’t it also expression?
Pain. Pleasure. Heat. Passion. Laughter.
Wetness Noise Sighs Screams Learning Teaching Asking Giving Taking Making Breaking Crying Comforting Offering Ending Reaching Searching…ORGASM.

Isn’t it also about orgasm?

It makes me giggle seeing the word ORGASM written out in capitals. Like when you were a kid and you used to play that game shouting BOGIES in the library or the classroom.
It seems naughty, forbidden almost…maybe that’s the point.

But why haven’t we gotten over that squeamishness?
Why as an adult do I still feel a little embarrassed when I talk about sex? I mean sex is the oldest of sports! Why does it seem so taboo?

I don’t know why, but I’m interested. And I’m interested in exploring that question. In having that discussion.

I’m interested in playing the game and seeing what comes of it.

I’m interested in asking those questions in front of an audience. Perhaps in a theatre. Perhaps with a script.

I’m interested in finding the answers. Perhaps some I will find myself. The rest may come from everybody else.
Face to face, body to body, lust to lust. Or maybe over email across the globe to someone with a totally different viewpoint who I’ve never even met.

As a playwright, no matter what I do I look for drama. It’s doused in danger. Highs and lows. Games of dynamic and ebbs and flows.

It all comes down to drama. And that’s what theatre is.
That passion and flair. It’s the live experience of really being there. That’s what inspires us about theatre and well…it kind of reminds me of something else.
All those words can be used to describe something I’ve mentioned a few times in this post and sometimes compared to a game…

So what to do now?

Might as well write a play about sex.

Better get on it then.


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