We’re back and better than ever and with our new podcast DIVERSIFY ready to drop we thought we’d also start some more cool content on our blog too!

Welcome to the first edition of The Q’s Song Of The Week – a burst of music injected into your ears (and soul) every Monday, getting you ready to face the week with a fire in your belly and music in your heart.

Our first offer “Useful Things” is by London-based band Fit and the Conniptions from the 2017 album Old Blue Witch (yup, it’s a reference to who you think it is…). We chose this song for multiple reasons, the first being that it’s the intro song for our podcast!! So before we unleash episode 1 of DIVERSIFY we thought you should get better acquainted with the band behind the music.

Beyond our own personal bias, this is a band with a firm leaning to the left. With songs about Maggie Thatcher and Trade Union leader Bob Crow mixed with more personal and less transparent agendas, you might have just found your favourite new folk/protest/rock/blues/absolutelynotafestival band!

Or maybe it’ll stand in that genre on its own…

“Turn out the lights
Open the curtains
Dirty daylight just filtering in
Go and do useful things
You win.
No I said it you win.”

Like that song? Why not try these:
– Old Blue Witch
Mermaid Song
Storm’s Over

Support independent artists by buying the whole album for just £5!!

Each week we’ll bring you a new song by artists we love and who we believe share the same message of diversity and progressive thinking we do. We believe bangers can be a source for good as well as just an ear-worm, so we hope you’ll find some new artists from loads of different genres.

Got some ideas for song of the week? Drop us a tweet @OurTeamQ

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