After a fabulously political inaugural episode with the inimitable Zack Polanski (in which we chatted about Proportional Representation, Universal Basic income and…parking bikes in fields..?) we’re back with episode 2, “Bad Accents & the Power of Representation” with Daniel York Loh.

Daniel is an actor and activist with a decorated CV including work for the National Theatre and the RSC. He’s also a voice for the British East Asian acting community in the UK and sits on the Equity Minority Ethnic Members Committee.

We chatted about his work both on and offstage, what the industry wants from British East Asians and why embracing diversity is not just great, but vital!

We also spoke a little about the book “The Good Immigrant” which Daniel contributed to, touched on theatre critic and journalist Lyn Gardner’s recent departure from the Guardian and a spoke little about the 13th Doctor…because frankly, it would have seemed rude not to!

Check it out, right here, right now…

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