Disclaimer: As this piece is about Dyslexia, and I am a dyslexic writer, I have decided not to get it proof read. That is to say, I most certainly have proof read it, about five, seven, nine ten times, but I’m leaving it there. Not noticing spelling mistakes (and sentences so lacking in structure and grammatical correctness that they look like […]

In our penultimate episode, actor, producer and spoken word artist Kamari Romeo joins Holly and Kate to chat about finding creative outlets, what being transgender means to him and his experience growing up in a black church community…

We welcome Libby Welsh and Jack Silver to talk about the D/deaf community, how ableism (discrimination in favour of able-bodied people) affects every aspect of life and why it’s important we all become aware of it…

Episode 6 of Diversify Podcast is with Libby Welsh and Jack Silver, who talk us through every day ableism. To accompany this we asked writer and actress Nicola Chegwin to talk about her own experiences navigating her way through a world lacking in disability awareness.. On the 5th December 2018, at 12.04 am, I will […]

In Episode 5, we talk to a Junior Doctor about life working in a hospital, what caused the recent Junior Doctors strike & what the current political climate means for the NHS….

Ok, so considering the context of this week’s DIVERSIFY episode (we’re talking to a Junior Doctor about the NHS!) the title of this song might be a bit on the nose…but humour us because it has an awesome history of its own. Fellow Millennials might know this song best as sung by Cheryl Crow, but […]

It’s getting political in Diversify land! Well…sort of. In a way it always has been. But in episode 4, we delved into the depths of Westminster life and pulled out our very own Lobbyist who answered questions about Parliament, the way Westminster works and of course, she explained what on earth a Lobbyist actually does… […]