It’s been in our head for years and months in the making, but it’s finally here! DIVERSIFY launches today with its first full episode:

“Politics & Parking Your Bike with Zack Polanski”

Zack is an actor, political activist and corporate trainer based in London. He joined the Green Party in early 2016. He speaks frequently and eloquently on Housing reform, is a vocal proponent of Proportional Representation and remains a staunch, well…remainer!

He came by to chat to us about politics, in particular proportional representation and his belief that a universal basic income could vastly help reduce the gap between the rich and poor.

No idea what either of those things mean!? Fear not! We explain it all in the episode below…



Did this make you as obsessed with Zack as we are!? Good! Then go follow him on Twitter right now! And why not check out some of these videos of him on TV talking about big, important things that we all wish we knew as much about!


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